Stay in safety

We are so far fortunate here in the countryside: nature is as un-spoilt and beautiful as ever, while coronavirus has barely touched the village. Yet for obvious reasons, any accommodation with frequent guest arrivals and departures presents heightened opportunities for transmission of the virus. The measures described below are for everyone’s health and peace of mind. Stay safe and enjoy your holiday despite the pandemic. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

— Your host, Jan Sinstadt

Physical distancing and hygiene

We observe the rules in force.

Also, we wash and disinfect keys before handover. And we do not share pens.

Cleaning – disinfection – ventilation

Your accommodation will be thoroughly ventilated between occupancies.

I shall follow recommended procedures for disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as tables, hard-backed chairs, door handles, light switches, remote controls, bath, toilet, washbasin, kitchen sink, work surfaces, appliances, etc.

There will be a supply of disinfection materials for regular use during your stay.

Normal cleaning before departure remains your responsibility, as stated in the rental conditions. A thorough job will be more than usually appreciated!

I shall do my best to provide hand sanitizer, although this could still be difficult to find. So please, bring your own if possible - or else soap.

Less frequent guest changeovers

Fewer arrivals and departures mean fewer opportunities for virus transmission from one party to the next. Therefore, bookings for two weeks (or longer) are strongly preferred.

COVID-19 testing and symptoms

In the weeks before your arrival: Should a confirmed case of COVID-19 prevent your holiday or necessitate quarantine, see cancellations and refunds.

During your stay: At the house there is a list of local doctors to contact about a suspected case of COVID-19 or any other medical emergency. Please also advise me of the situation immediately!

After departure: Should anyone in your party test positive or show symptoms within 14 days, please advise me immediately. A (potentially) infectious person in the house can be relevant for contact tracing.

Cancellations and refunds

I shall fully refund your deposit if you must cancel because of COVID-19 sickness or quarantine, or if officially imposed travel restrictions prevent your stay.